Last Week of the New Year

January has been quite a writing month.  As it winds to a close, figured I’d share some of the fun bits.

• I’ve written a little over 17,000 words on Far Reach thus far and made huge progress on the outline.  The story is starting to come together in my head which means it’ll get onto paper a lot easier.

• Beta Readers are some of the awesomest people out there. If you are a writer, never forget that.

• I had a nightmare a few days ago.  It was quite disturbing and made for a restless night. I turned that around and laid out the basis for a possible novella entitled Favors.  The story, thus far, would be a hell of a lot darker than anything I’ve written before and there are a few scenes that actually make me uncomfortable.  Not sure when that will see the light of day but I look forward to trying.

• Some of my VP buddies have been linking to Five Things We Learned at Clarion, gathered by Ferret Steinmetz (of VP XIII).  Clarion is a 6 week, highly intensive workshop. Not likely I’ll ever attend that one – I can’t give up my life, wife, or job for six weeks.  There are some great quotes, but this is probably my favorite from Gra Linnaea:

Writing is not a competition.  Someone else’s genius doesn’t make you less genius.

• Today marks 50 days until Steph and I head to the United Kingdom.  Or as Steph calls it, 50 Days until the British Invasion.  I have waited for this trip ever since I first read about knights and castles.  There is a serious chance I shall not return to the States.

So I’d say the year has started off well.  Here’s to hoping it continues.

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