Not A Figurehead

Despite popular belief, I have not been kidnapped by my cat and established as the figurehead of a small European nation he overthrew earlier this week.

I mean, seriously, who would believe that? ┬áMy cat would never expend the energy to travel all the way to Europe. ┬áHeck, he won’t even overthrow Minnesota.

I am, however, still alive and kicking though rather busy.

  • Wrote rough drafts of the first three chapters of Far Reach
  • Sent copies of Genie Memories out to six beta readers
  • Reviewed Catherine Schaff-Stump’s Hulk Hercules over at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing
  • Survived a bout with Kitten Flu, the virulent strain of sickness that infected both Steph and I for the whole first week of the year and turned each of us into whimpering blobs jockeying for position on the couch
  • Made major in-roads in planning our trip to the UK in March

Not too bad for January so far.