Starting Off All The Wrong Ways

I had a dentist appointment this morning.  Normally, this alone would put me in a state of terror induced shivering that would take weeks to shake (my fear/hatred of dentists is the stuff of legends).  Today, however, my dentist decided to up the ante and informed me that I have a cavity.  I consoled myself with a chocolate chip cookie.

While home over lunch, a container of chia seeds launched itself out of the cabinet and attacked Steph.  Who the hell wants those things for a pets anyway?

The sore throat I had this morning erupted into full blown sickness that I happily shared with Steph.  She’s under the impression that we are infected with Kitten Flu, as the only sick beings we’ve had contact with lately have been a bunch of kittens at a friend’s house.  I’m too tired to provide a smart ass retort, proving just how sick I am.

The year 2011 has not started off quite the way I wanted it to.