Swimming in the Money

Q – “You finished the book?  Great!  When are you going to quit your day job?”

A – “Not anytime soon!”

Not An Accurate Representation

There’s a common misconception that writers make a lot of money.  I’m not sure why that exists.  Ever hear the term ‘starving artist’?  It applies to us writers as well.  To quote a book my wife recently read – “You can make a lot of money being writer as long as your name includes the words “Stephen” and “King”.”

Over at his blog, author Jim C Hines talks about his 2010 income as a writer.  The same entry contains links back to 2007 on the same subject.  Hines is a successful writer with a couple of popular series in print.  And despite being considered a success in the publishing field, he’s keeping that day job of his.  The entry makes it clear why and why I will most likely be working for years to come.

(Link poached from VP buddy Steve Buchheit.  Thanks Steve!)

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