Edinburgh Scotland

Our first full day in Edinburgh is under our belt. Thankfully we were able to enjoy it after sleeping a solid 9 hours last night and waking up to a great Scottish breakfast.

So the daily in a nutshell – In the morning we did the tourist bit and later in the day met with our friend Lanee’ for lunch at the Elephant House (that would be the place J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter books. Sadly, the inspiration did not carry over and I have not received a giant advance for my novel). We finished the night off with the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour.

Tomorrow we plan on heading up to Stirling to see the castle and experience our first train in Great Britain. We were going to go on a tour but that got cancelled at the last minute. So what the heck? We’re just gonna go on our own.

Photos will be after the break since there’s quite a few of them and they are sizable. I’ll throw more photos up later on the Flickr stream.

Things seen and done in Scotland

* Eaten haggis (not so bad, may try it again)
* Drank tea at the Elephant House
* Had a meat pie
* Toured the Edinburgh Castle
* Seen multiple museums about Scotland
* Mastered the public transit system
* Learned that Scots stumbling down the street are not drunk; they’ve just likely gotten off a bus (an experience to behold)

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