Stirling Castle and the Cancelled Train of Edinburgh

As mentioned yesterday, Steph and I were not to be denied our trip to Stirling Castle so we hopped a train and headed north. Pictures after the break for those interested.

Stirling Castle plays an enormous role in Scotland’s history. It was said that whomever held Stirling held Scotland. Once we got there, it was easy to see why. Stirling commands a view of the entire kingdom and if you wanted to march an army north or south, east or west, you had to go past the castle. For those more in tune with Hollywood, Stirling was also the place William Wallace (aka Braveheart) defeated the English.

After the tour, we headed into town to warm up with some tea (we’ve had some glorious Scottish weather – windy, cold, and damp!), then headed back to catch our train back to Edinburgh.

Which wasn’t there.

It seems someone opted to walk along the train tracks and the train opted to tell them that that wasn’t such a bright idea. Thus, every train from Stirling to Edinburgh was canceled. Hurrah! We sprinted and caught a bus back to the city. Unfortunately, that ate up most of our evening and by the time we got back, we just wanted to eat and retire to our B&B.

Tomorrow – London!

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