Skipping Stones Across the Pond

Back when I was a kid, any time we were near a body of water, my brothers and I had to fling stones.  The goal was to see how many skips we’d get before the rock sank.  I, of course, demolished my siblings due to sheer skill and natural talent.  They might disagree but they’re both still in denial.

In any case – tomorrow, I’ll be the stone, encased in a steel tube hurtling at hundreds of miles per hour over the body of water known as the Atlantic Ocean.  Yes, the great adventure known as the Great Britain Trip is about to begin!

We’re packed (mostly), have the house sitter setup, and are now just counting down the hours til we fly out of Minneapolis for Edinburgh, Scotland.  A few days there, then its down to London for a few more days and off to Wales to visit one of Steph’s old friends.  Then we work our way back north, stopping along Hadrian’s Wall (and the Sycamore Gap, aka the Robin Hood Tree), before heading back to Edinburgh and home.

Needless to say, I probably won’t be online much during those two weeks.  We do hope to put up a few pictures now and then to develop worthy feelings of envy.  I mean, it wouldn’t be a vacation if someone wasn’t gnashing their teeth and saying, “How wonderful for you.  No, that’s not a truck downshifting …”

While we’re gone, please don’t break the Internet.  All my favorite web sites are there.

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