This Week in Me

I’ve been a bit bad as of late in updating the blog.  So what have I been up to?

1. Bone Machines by John Dodds

Bone Machines came to me via Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing and I’ve not only been reading it, but also listening to the (free) Podcast from Podiobooks.  The book is a dark thriller based in Scotland and so far I am really enjoying it.  Dodds knows how to do tension quite well.  Also, the podcast is read by Dodds, himself a Scotsman, which really adds to the atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to writing up the review, which I hope to get done this weekend.

2. Far Reach Progress

I am what you would call a Linear Writer.  I am unable to write Chapter 2 unless Chapter 1 is finished.  Chapter 15 has to wait until Chapter 13 is in the books (no pun intended).  I’ll happily go back and make edits or even change my outline but those chapters – they have to be laid down in order.

It’s more of a curse than a blessing.

It’s been hitting me quite hard as of late.  I got pretty far in Far Reach before I figured out that it wasn’t working.  This, of course, kicked in Linear Writer and I had to go back and figure it out again.  I kept hitting stumbling blocks so on Wednesday, I offered to run 5 miles with Steph so long as she acted as a sounding board.  By mile 2.5, we had the problem solved.  Running – it’s not just good for your health!

3. Fire In The Fiction Workshop

When I’m not busy tending to Bone Machines, I’m reading The Fire in the Fiction by Donald Maass as fast as I can in anticipation of the writing workshop that I’m going to next week.  When that’s done, I need to plow through The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson.

4. Grow Little Novel, Grow

Interesting blog post by Jon Sprunk over at about getting the journey from getting an idea for a novel to seeing it on the shelf.

5. …

Nothing here.  I just didn’t like having this list end at 4.

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