In The Future

It is 2011 and I still do not have a flying car or my own jet pack.  I am highly disappointed in the future.

This is normally the blog entry where I’d put up my New Year’s resolutions but let’s be honest – those generally last until something shiny comes along and distracts me and they fizzle out.  Plus this way I don’t have to feel bad if I don’t fulfill those resolutions.

What is not fizzling is my writing and I’ve started the New Year off right on that front.

So far, I’m about 500 words into the next novel which I am tentatively calling Far Reach.  This novel is also sci-fi but it’s going to be a lot more futuristic involving space, aliens, and all the assorted stuff that comes with that.  I’ve had to do a lot more research which is a ton of fun but also dangerous as I tend to get sucked into that.  Fortunately, I have a fairly solid outline for Part One which should keep pushing me forward.  And of course, I’m repeating the mantra – “It’s a draft.  It can suck.”

I’ve also started sending out requests for Beta Readers on Genie Memories and gotten two thus far – my brother Jon and my friend Chris are both willing to read.  Neither of them has seen the story before (except for a paragraph here or there) so I’ll be pleased to see their reactions.   Then I can start sending out to agents and publishers.

Yeah, query letters.  I am so looking forward to that.

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