Go West Young Man … Way Far West

… all the way west til you get wet.

That is where I shall be but first, I have to get there.  Tomorrow morning, Steph is taking me to the Rochester airport to catch an early flight up to Minneapolis, then another out to Seattle, and finally a puddle jump down to Bellingham, Washington.

Why so far west?

Why, I’ll tell you!  I’ll be attending the ResNet Symposium. ResNet is basically a conference aimed at technology people in the higher education field.  I’ve been to two of these before – Princeton in 2003, Fredericton, Canada in 2008 – and both times have been a lot of fun.  I get the chance to go sea kayaking on our ‘day off’.  Score!

Oh, yeah.  I hope to learn a lot too.

Cuz, you know.  That’s kind of the whole point of this.

See you all next Thursday when I return to the Heartland.

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