My 11 Year Old Marriage


Eleven years ago tomorrow (June 5th), I walked down the aisle at Calmar Lutheran Church to be wed to my wonderful bride, Stephanie.  On that day, I walked down that aisle with grace, confidence, and an overwhelming amount of happiness.

This is in sharp contrast to the hours just before where I was an extreme nervous wreck, popping Tums like candy, and recalling the night before where we almost killed my twin brother in a freak Koosh-ball accident and that morning when my father-in-law greeted me with a shotgun after having shot a possum outside of their house.

Weddings – ain’t they grand?

Steph and I plan on celebrating with a trip up to Lanesboro to stay at a bed and breakfast, see a play at the Commonweal Theatre (Picasso at the Lapin Agile), catch up on a lot of overdue reading and relaxation, and finally up to the Twin Cities for the w00tstock concert.

And then, of course, eleven more years of wonderful marriage … at the very least.