My 11 Year Old Marriage


Eleven years ago tomorrow (June 5th), I walked down the aisle at Calmar Lutheran Church to be wed to my wonderful bride, Stephanie.  On that day, I walked down that aisle with grace, confidence, and an overwhelming amount of happiness.

This is in sharp contrast to the hours just before where I was an extreme nervous wreck, popping Tums like candy, and recalling the night before where we almost killed my twin brother in a freak Koosh-ball accident and that morning when my father-in-law greeted me with a shotgun after having shot a possum outside of their house.

Weddings – ain’t they grand?

Steph and I plan on celebrating with a trip up to Lanesboro to stay at a bed and breakfast, see a play at the Commonweal Theatre (Picasso at the Lapin Agile), catch up on a lot of overdue reading and relaxation, and finally up to the Twin Cities for the w00tstock concert.

And then, of course, eleven more years of wonderful marriage … at the very least.


4 thoughts on “My 11 Year Old Marriage

  1. My brother showed up at my first wedding reeking of skunk and cheap cologne. He’d shot the stripey critter in the barn the night before, and thought the perfume would cover it up.

    He smelled much better at my second wedding. I took it as an omen. 🙂


    1. *snort* Hah! In all fairness, my father-in-law is so far from redneck-ville it’s not funny. He’s the Director of IT at the local community college and one hell of a sharp guy. 🙂


  2. Alas, I have no skunk stories, but (during our traditional Hindu wedding) I did have to promise to always ask my husband’s permission if I wanted to leave the house. This while wearing a 60lb dress and about a million dollars of uncomfortable jewelry brought over from India. Ah, good times.

    But seriously, congrats on 11 great years!


  3. What? You’re married? Always the last to know…….

    Happy Anniversary guys. For your anniversary, I will take a jar or two of dilly beans off your hands……


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