A Good Year Older

Another day, another year.  Pretty soon it starts to add up, eh?

When I woke up this morning, I sent out a Tweet :


Today was another good birthday and I go to bed happy and satisfied.  My stomach is full of a delicious dinner I asked for (Walnut Burgers, homemade french fries, and broccoli picked from our own garden) and I got a plethora of well-wishes from all around the world.  They came in from twenty different states, Canada, Italy, and Germany.  One was even in Binary.

My favorite?  Probably the Tweet from a fellow VP’er, ChiaLynn in response to the one I sent out this morning:


It’s good to have friends.  Thanks all!

One thought on “A Good Year Older


    Don’t forget to chew your food thoroughly. Your stomach can’t take it anymore, and your teeth are softer.

    Birthday’s are fun, aren’t they…..

    Happy B, Matt….


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