Fighting the Lawn … and Losing

The Reel Thing
The Reel Thing

This is my lawn mower.

While some might call it ‘Old Fashioned’, it is technically called a ‘Reel’ lawn mower and all things considered, a remarkably good lawn mower. It cuts the grass very nicely, mulches, I get a good workout, and it’s eco-friendly, not to mention cheap (less than a hundred bucks plus it never needs gas).

The downside?  Well, if you come across a pine cone or a fallen branch or maybe a stubborn blade a grass, it stops.  Like, on a dime.  Without any warning.  And whomever is pushing the mower is impaled upon the handles.

Fun times, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, the Reel mower broke on Sunday.  A nice split in the handle, probably due to my abdominal muscles being repeatedly slammed against it.  While I can take some pride in having abs that can bust metal, it does mean I’m out of a lawn mower.

Black & Decker
More Power, Grunt

So now I’ve ordered a new mower – a Black & Decker CM1836 18-inch 36v Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.  I’ve been eying one for a while since it fits all my needs – quiet, mows, and eco-friendly (there’s plenty of articles out there on how inefficient gas mowers are).

The downside is that (good) electric lawn mowers are not cheap.  I had been hoping to save up for the new one but things sort of got pushed forward.

Now I’m faced with a new problem.  The new lawn mower won’t be here for about two weeks (you try paying for overnight shipping on something that weights 60+ pounds.  Not cheap!)  Despite my asking, begging, and pleading, I don’t think my grass is going to stop growing.  On top of that, we’re due for rain on Friday and my lawn usually takes off after a good soaking.

I could, in theory, borrow the neighbor’s lawn mower but that’s a gas powered one and as I stated earlier, I’m looking for eco-friendly solutions.

So after some brainstorming, I came up with two great, environmentally sensitive ideas.  I can’t wait to see which one Steph will choose …

Prairie Burn
Prairie Burn

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Lawn … and Losing

  1. The sheep will leave behind something else you don’t want to deal with and the prairie burn is not exactly eco friendly nor neighborly if it gets out of control. I recommend a pair of scissors and knee pads.


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