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Regarding posting comments on this blog:

Feel free to comment! Throw in your two cents! Agree or disagree! Have a lively conversation! Have a good time and share because that’s what I like seeing and it’s generally awesome.

Just realize that this is my personal space. Should I find what you say is offensive, rude, or downright full of mind-boggling stupidity, then it may be removed and/or edited. I have little patience and energy to engage with people being trolls so I’m more likely to just mark those comments as Spam and be on with my day. And the ultimate judge in what is offensive, rude, or stupid? That’s me. Go figure.

Screaming ‘First Amendment’ and ‘Free Speech!’ won’t get you anywhere. I’m not the US Government and thus, it has no bearing. This is also a very nice explanation in picture form:



(Many of these ideas are shamelessly borrowed from John Scalzi’s Whatever blog and Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds.