… with Envy


On the far left is the t-shirt that I am currently wearing.  As you can see, it is Green.  It’s a shirt we gave to our Help Desk staff four years ago.  Comfy shirt.  I like it.

Next to that is a shirt I got during my Senior year of college, a Luther College Cross Country shirt.  It too is Green (Steph argues a bit on the teal side, but that’s semantics).  I wore that on Friday.

Next in line is a race shirt from our local Guinea Gallop.  A wonderful off-road/cross country 5K road race.  Lots of mud.  It’s a nice summer Green.  I got that shirt last year and wore it Thursday.

Last in line, on the far right, is a t-shirt from the annual Luther College Adventure Race.  It is a light Green, fitting of the fading summer when the event took place.  I wore that on Wednesday.

Kermit was wrong.  It is easy being green.

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