Cat Spring Fever

While we were gone on vacation this past weekend, Steph forgot to shut off the alarm clock.  This meant that every morning at 6am, it would go off with a loud buzzing noise.  I think it carries on for 30 – 60 minutes, I’m not sure.  No one was home to hear it.

No one except for Tim Tam, that is.

This pissed him off and our esteemed feline has made certain that we will pay for our transgressions.

This process starts at 3am.  He jumps up onto the bed, walks over our heads, leaps onto the head board and starts playing with the blinds.  So we open the blinds.  Then he plays with the strings.  We move the strings.  Then he jumps onto the laundry basket and plays with the other window on the far side of the room.  Steph solved this by yanking the basket lid out from under him so he had to sit in the laundry. This did not please him.

Around 4am, Tim Tam decides he’s hungry and starts to meow.  Loudly.  This is accompanied by more playing with the blinds.  Throwing him out of the bedroom means he just comes back (with the added bonus of chasing us into the room and biting our ankles).  Locking him out of the room leads to a chorus of his paws banging against the door, which isn’t all that much better than the meowing or playing with the blinds from earlier.

Thus, we’ve not slept past 3 or 4am this entire week.

Perhaps Tim Tam is just old and cranky.  He’s around 12 years old, that’s near the end of lifespan for most cats.  The day will come when he’s no longer with us.  But I told Steph last night, knowing our luck, Tim Tam is going to be one of those cats who lives to be 19 or 20 years old.

Just to spite us.

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