From the Little Island…

If you do a Google search on Viable Paradise, you’ll undoubtedly come across comments from previous attendees.

These comments read like praise of a cult. Fantastic instructors. Awesome staff. Great friends.

Believe me when I say this : Every Word Is True.

I have learned more in the three days I have been here than in my entire writing life up to this point.  I’ve met some people with whom I hope I remain friends with for many years.  I’ve spoken with authors whom I highly respect and found out I’m not the damned idiot I thought I was.  I had someone seek me out today for my advice!   And the staff here – well, these dude(ettes) are amazing.  I feel like I’m at an all inclusive resort.

More later.  I’ve got two stories to critique yet tonight, three short scenes to write, and a 5,000 word short story to get ready for Thursday.  Did I mention I’m posting this at 11pm?  Yeah, I’m having an awesome time 🙂

3 thoughts on “From the Little Island…

  1. We are so glad that it is all and more than you had hoped for! Very happy for you. Very proud of you. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home.


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