Viable Paradise – Wednesday

I can’t wait to see ‘Whorelord‘ in book stores.


Bright and early and stretchy.  Started the day off joining Bear and Julia for a yoga session at 6am.  It was cold and a little drizzly, so of course, we went outside.  We were buzzed by an owl (I think) and paid attention to how much the world around us changed during our short work out.  It was a good way to open what would be the shortest day of the workshop.

Break-out groups happened early.  I critiqued stories by Cath and Miranda with DD and LM as instructors.  By now, we were all getting the hang of this critique thing, so I think everyone was giving better input and suggestions.   Both were good works.  Miranda was the more memorable, if only because of a single character – a prostitute on her way to becoming a warlord.  Thus was born the term ‘Whorelord’.   We got a lot of mileage out of that one.  When the day comes that Miranda is published, we shall all be obligated to embarrass her at panels and conventions.

After that, it was on to a lecture on The Care and Feeding of your Beast by LM.  Rather intellectual, but good points and some tips on how to write when the writer’s block rears its ugly head.  After that, it was lunch.

Kat, George, Steve, Chia, Irina (Julia and Ferrett in back)

The rest of Wednesday was off. This was a very good thing.  By this time of the week, each one of us has been through the wringer at least twice, maybe three times.  Most of us have been operating on less than a dozen hours of sleep since arriving Sunday.  We need us a break.

So it was off to the Bite, a sea-side shack with plenty of fried seafood, good french fries, and some fried ma n’ cheese.  I couldn’t eat much of it but I got to drool over what everyone else ordered.  Plus it gave us a good chance to see the interior of the island.  Then it was back to a quiet resort to work on our assignments.  Mandatory fun came around at 11pm – a reading of the Unstrung Harp (or Mr. Earbass Writes a Novel), a wonderful tale about what goes into writing a book and publishing.  Our version was complete with a tragic injury to Bear’s toe (blood and gore everywhere, totally awesome).

I went to bed early – 1am.