From the Little Island…

If you do a Google search on Viable Paradise, you’ll undoubtedly come across comments from previous attendees.

These comments read like praise of a cult. Fantastic instructors. Awesome staff. Great friends.

Believe me when I say this : Every Word Is True.

I have learned more in the three days I have been here than in my entire writing life up to this point.  I’ve met some people with whom I hope I remain friends with for many years.  I’ve spoken with authors whom I highly respect and found out I’m not the damned idiot I thought I was.  I had someone seek me out today for my advice!   And the staff here – well, these dude(ettes) are amazing.  I feel like I’m at an all inclusive resort.

More later.  I’ve got two stories to critique yet tonight, three short scenes to write, and a 5,000 word short story to get ready for Thursday.  Did I mention I’m posting this at 11pm?  Yeah, I’m having an awesome time 🙂