A Viable Reason

Yeah, I’m stretching it on titles for Viable Paradise. Sue me:)

My plane lands in Boston at 11:50 am on Sunday.  That makes it a little over 72 hours until I’m on Marthas Vineyard.

The bag is mostly packed.  Actually, it was on Wednesday night.  The cat helped out a lot by constantly jumping in.  He just couldn’t come to grips that he wasn’t on my list of things to take.  Just another load of laundry and a few more items to pick up at the store and I’m good to go.

Why yes, I am nervous and giddy, thanks for asking.

Thankfully, Steph made it back from her trip to Chicago so I get a couple of days with her before heading off.  I hate leaving her here for a week, but we were able to test out Skype while she was gone and it worked out great.  She also planned a bunch of things with friends and promised me she’d go to TKD at least once during the week, so that makes me feel a lot better.

So back to giddiness – Glee!

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