A Conversation with the Cat

Rough day?

Oh, I couldn’t begin to tell you.

Try me.

Well, first, the sun didn’t come up until sometime past six.  Then it took a good two or three hours for the rays to get in here.  And they kept moving!  I mean, what’s up with that?  I had to keep moving on the floor because those stupid sun rays moved all over!

How inconsiderate of the sun.

You’re telling me!  Of course, now it’s almost perfect.

Almost perfect?

Sure, I’ve got this nice cushion under me and the rays are hitting just right.  Give it another thirty minutes.  I’ll have to move again.  And look at this!  Just look at it!  There’s a gap here between the bench and the wall that’s…what…two inches?  Could it have killed them to move it two stupid inches?

So few have known such difficulties.

Don’t I know it.  Would it have killed them to put in some skylights or something?  Inconsiderate jerks.

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