State of Priorities

On the left is the logo the International Federation of Competitive Eating.  This group schedules, organizes, and regulates competitive eating contests.  As its name would imply, this is a group of people (I will not call them athletes) who eat as much food as possible in a set period of time.  These contests are shown on ESPN, a nationwide television network.

On the right is the logo for the Boston Athletic Organization.  This group hosts the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest and arguably the most famous marathon.  People train all their life just for the opportunity to qualify for the event, let alone run it.  This has been regulated to be broadcast on the Universal Sports channel, a small market that is carried in about two dozen or so networks.

Without hesitation or shame, I admit that I am biased.  I cannot watch people running 26.2 miles at a pace that most of America couldn’t handle for a quarter mile, but I can see someone shove hot dogs down their gullet.  Ladies and gentlemen, America’s got its priorities all outta whack.