S is for Shoes

Those, my friends, are a brand new pair of running shoes. ASICS Gel Cumulus 10s to be precise, size 9 ½. For a distance runner, a new pair of shoes is quite a treat.  It means leaving behind an old pair and as you put them away, be it in a box or a donation bin, you get to remember all the good runs.  Maybe a few PRs.  A rip on the top from that trail run or whatnot.

And you get to look forward to putting the new pair of shoes through its paces.  In High School, we frowned on a clean pair of shoes so when I look at the weather and realize tomorrow is going to be snowing, that just makes me all the happier.  These shoes will be dirty within 24 hours, properly broken in with their first taste of pavement.  Maybe this will be the pair to get that 5K PR.

New running shoes.  Is there anything better?

I stand corrected.