Critical Maass

Greetings from Madison.

Nope, not up here to protest. I’m attending the Fire in Fiction workshop led by uber-agent Donald Maass (the one I talked about a while ago). Tomorrow is the Master class and then the long drive home. I’ll try to do a full report on Monday or Tuesday.

So far I’ve learned a ton. I can see lots of places where I can improve my writing and make my stories better. I will say that think I’m getting more out of this because I have a completed novel vs one in progress. The sheer amount of stuff is overwhelming and trying to fit that in while writing a first draft would be too much. It’ll come with time though.

To all my writer friends – this is definitely a book to pick up. Worth every penny.

As for the rest of my weekend? Well … It started off with the hotel not having my room. So they upgraded me to a jacuzzi suite. Oh woe is me. Then I got a chance to hit the Apple store and snag myself an iPad 2 (which I’m using to compose this entry). And I got a chance to hang out with and talk to Maass and Nalo Hopkinson for quite a while.

You could say I’m having a good weekend.

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