Galloping Guineas

This is a Guinea.

The Fowl

This is the Guinea Gallop.

The Course
The Course

These are the shirts you get for surviving 5 kilometers of prairie, orchard, two stream crossings, steep muddy hills, and not a single paved surface.

Not a Road Race
Not a Road Race

The Gallop is one of the more unique races we run every year.  There are no prizes for where you finish, only for finishing and even then, it’s a random drawing.  All the prizes are donated by local businesses – pictures by Story People, produce and lamb and beef and cheese from local farmers, even massages.  This is why we love the race.

Go Guinea Go.

One thought on “Galloping Guineas

  1. You guys should post this on Upper Midwest Trail Runners to increase the registration for next year. Sounds like a fun time!


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