Even The Muse Needs Some Help

From InkyGirl.com
From InkyGirl.com

It’s Spring Break here in Decorah and the weather is finally cooperating.  It’s pretty cool to actually open my office window and feel a 60 degree breeze wash over me.  I’m also getting a lot of much needed work done.

An added bonus of Spring?  The Writing Moose and I are doing quite well, thank you.  I’ve knocked out a number of chapters and figured out some awesome plot twists/points that are making the story Oh So Much Better.

Since the Moose and I are getting along, I thought I’d share with my fellow writers another often visited muse – The Bookshelf Muse.

The Bookshelf Muse is the website of  Angela Ackerman (author of a number of Young Adult and Children’s books) and is a collection of thesaurus entries that cover everything from colors to emotions to settings.  Need to figure out ways to write a grieving mother?  Here you go.  Never spent much time in a prison (and don’t want to get arrested to find out?)  Details here with the added bonus of not getting arrested!

Angela started the site up when she wanted to take her writing up a notch.  I’ve found it invaluable for my own writing.  Recently I was writing a scene involving a hospital and not having been around one in a few years, I hit the site to find out the smells and sounds that I was missing.  Made the scene all that much better.

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