Splitting Gray (or Grey) Hairs

This morning, Steph discovered that I had a gray eyelash.  This is the first bit of gray I’ve ever had.

She plucked it and as I held it in my hand, gazing down upon it, I thought of many things: I am no longer a young man.  I am getting older*.  No amount of playing computer games, reading comics, doing dangerous activities or acting childish will change that.

But most importantly, that one gray eyelash signifies a great moment, the moment when I can finally say with legal authority:

“Get Off My Lawn!”

I’m so happy.

*Addendum: I am not any wiser as I immediately asked Steph how she deals with her gray hairs.  I got hit.  I deserved it.

4 thoughts on “Splitting Gray (or Grey) Hairs

  1. They’ll have to tear my video game controller out of my gnarled ancient hands.

    Nobody ever mentions the gray eyelashes. Why is that? The horror.


  2. Well, obviously the gray hair does not mean he is any smarter if he made that comment to his wife.

    Hint: don’t even bring up the subjects of age or weight.


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