Lies within Lies

Over the past two days, our Internet at home has been down for approximately 24 hours in total. The first time happened Tuesday night for about 5 – 7 hours (went to sleep, didn’t know when it came back on) and then last night it was out from 5pm until around 6:30am.  I get twitchy without my Internet.  Thankfully, Steph found ways to alleviate the problem by playing games, reading, or watching Monk on DVD.  We even cooked and did dishes together.  I went to bed at a reasonable time.

Obviously, this is a grand conspiracy on the part of our Internet Service Provider.  By disabling my ability to connect to the outside world and find mindless distractions, they’ve rendered me helpless and made me more of a ‘model citizen’.  Just what they want, don’t you think?

While I was thinking just how far reaching this web of lies went, I stumbled across something else – conspiracies work great in novels.  And I found a perfect place to fit it into Genie Memories, though it’ll require some minor re-writing.  Nothing that I can’t do.  I started writing it up this morning and found an easy 1700 words (so far).

So, hrm.  I guess a conspiracy is good for something.  Now I just have to find a conspiracy that leads me toward a winning lottery ticket. I just hope it doesn’t involve the electricity going out.