The New Year So Far

So how’s 2010 been treating me?  Quite well, thanks for asking.

What?  Oh, you wanted to know what I’ve done so far.  Well, here goes:

  • Played a lot of video games, surfed the web, and did a bit of writing.
  • Learned that my new Forgotten English day calendar is a wonderful thing … except when you’re reading the phrase ‘gilravage’ at seven a.m. after staying up to see the New Year.  It really doesn’t make too much sense until at least two or three in the afternoon.
  • Worked on a website for a potential new endeavor (more on that later if it works out).
  • With the help of my father-in-law, carried our brand new, 350 pound Vision Fitness T9500 treadmill down the steps to our basement.  We put it together.  And discovered that we pinched the power cable, and put a 1/8th inch cut that went right through the wires, thus rendering it completely useless until a new cable arrives sometime next week.  D’oh.
  • Steph and I went to our annual themed New Year’s Day lunch at her relatives.  This year was Moroccan.  Delicious cous cous, some lamb, and … no, Moroccan.  As in the country.  The one up in the tip of North Africa.  Yeah, where Casablanca is at and all that.  Not Mo Rocca.  Sheesh, some people.

Wow.  It’s been an exhausting past couple of days.  Only 363 days left until 2011!