Over Hill, Over Dale (Who’s Dale?)

Today marked the second annual Run on the Wild Side 5K  Race.  One of our friends, Marissa, works out at Lake Meyer and started it up last year.  It’s a great course – all trails, beautiful scenery (most of the course overlooks the lake), and, oh yeah, some kick ass hills.

Steph and I ran it last year and both placed 2nd in our age group.  I was 4th overall.  That was in a smaller field though.  This year, they had almost double the entries so it was more challenging.  We’ve also had three days of straight rain which made the course muddy and the grass slick.  Just the way we runners like it.

We rose to the challenge though 🙂

I won my age division.  Probably a top ten finish, though I won’t know until the full results are released next week.  Steph wasn’t too bad either.  She got 3rd in her age group.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that statistically, she did better than me.  There were more women in her age group than in mine.

On another note – all of my student workers come back on Tuesday.  The week after that, every student at Luther returns.  That means its going to get hectic.  Big time.  I have to admit I’m feeling a little stress over that.  Not really because of work.  No, we’re pretty well prepped for that.  My stress comes because this all happens right before Viable Paradise. I know from past years, by the time I get home from work, my brain wants to shut down.  This will certainly have an adverse effect on my ability to write (apparently my brain likes to have input into that process).  I’m hoping that the other folks on the VP mailing list start making noise about the approaching date and that perks me right up again.

*crosses fingers*

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