A Mess of Scribbles

My brain is trying to kill me.

The proof – Saturday morning, my brain convinced me to run 5 mile hill workout that included Ridge Road.  It suggested this because I needed to get in shape for an upcoming race with plenty of hills and I had run the route back in college without any problem.  Now, I’m an Eastern Iowa boy, so I’m not unfamiliar with hills (it’s the rest of the state that’s flat) but there’s a big difference between a 20 year old college runner in his prime and a 35 year old distance runner.  Let me tell you, 7 minute pace up that hill just about killed me.

Not content with a near death experience, this morning my brain woke me up and said “Hey, you can do 9 miles!”  It had apparently forgotten yesterday’s adventure.  Apparently, so did I since I went and did it.  Dehydration is not my friend.

On the positive side of things, Steph and I got to do some archery shooting today.  One of our friends works out at Lake Meyer and they had an open archery day to show off their new equipment.  Only a few other people showed up (it was hot and humid), but it was a good time.  I got to fire off maybe a hundred arrows or so.  Also got more than a few shots dead center.

Writing wise – I’ve edited nine complete chapters of Genie Memories.  There was some stuff I just had to get done and tightened up.  Chalk it up to my personality.  Soon I’ll be able to do some new stuff and I’ve already got the next four chapters planned out.  Things start getting good.

Now it’s late and I must go to bed.  So I leave you with what I guess is a cat’s version of heaven – a Bag…in a Box.


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