Are We There Yet?

87 days, 2088 hours, 125,280 minutes, 7,516,600 seconds until Viable Paradise.  Not that I’m counting or anything:)

It’s made it difficult to concentrate at work lately.  I’ve been reading up on everything Viable Paradise related – podcast, blog entries, diaries, videos, etc.  My writing has been going exceptionally well.  I guess it’s been a big confidence booster.

I also decided that in order to not look like an ass, I should read up on some of the instructors whom I haven’t read before.  Working at Luther helps with that.  Interlibrary Loan to the rescue.  I’ve got two books so far – Elizabeth Bear’s Carnival and Laura Mixon’s Burning the Ice.  Thankfully, I’ve already read something from James MacDonald (Apocalypse Door and his Writing with Uncle Jim thread on Absolute Write) and John Scalzi (Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigade, Agent to the Stars, and his blog at Whatever).  Not that it relieves any pressure on me.  There’s quite a bit more reading to do.

And for a person who is going to miss out on Martha’s Vineyard at the height of its beauty, Steph is remarkably upbeat.  Last night she found a way to save a few hundred bucks on the flight.  And she hasn’t stopped telling me how proud she is.  That makes me feel downright giddy:)

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