Nordic Fest 2009 is drawing to a close.  It was a strange one this year, mostly because the highs were in the low 70s.  It’s the first time I can remember actually being cold at a Nordic Fest but it made it really nice and more enjoyable. The highlights:

  • Elveløpet 5K Road Race – 24th overall, 3rd in my age group.  Only people who beat me were younger than me.  My pace was a steady 6:33 per mile.  Extremely pleased.
  • Watched the parade with Steph and afterward, had a nice lunch on the lawn of the courthouse.
  • Discovered that Ligonberry Juice is really darn good.
  • Met one of the other folks who will be attending Viable Paradise.

Normally, we go back on Saturday night to do the dancing (it’s the one time of year I dance) but Steph was pretty beat.  She did the Elveløpet 15K.  Finished strong, but running 9.3 miles in under an hour and a half is bound to wipe anyone out.  So she came home and made black raspberry syrup and jam and froze a bundle of blueberries.

Yeah … we’re still working on that whole ‘relaxing’ thing with her 🙂