Paradise Mine

On June 24th, I submitted an application to Viable Paradise, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers Workshop in Martha’s Vineyard.  Shortly after that, I started thinking of what I would do should I be accepted. Maybe make a post with the definitions of Viable and Paradise and work that into some witty essay.  Dance a little jig.  Go out for dinner.  Faint.

Yeah, so none of that happened.  Wanna know what happened?

6:03am – check e-mail

6:04am -“HOLY SHIT!

Why yes, I’ve been accepted to Viable Paradise:)

2 thoughts on “Paradise Mine

  1. I checked my email from my phone late Sunday night.

    I met my husband in the hallway, phone cradled in my sweaty hands.

    “I got in,” I said. “To Viable Paradise. I got in.” And then we were both jumping up and down.

    And my blog post on the subject is titled, “Holy Shit, I Got In.”


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