A Cult That Sucks…No, Really

Recently, our vacuum cleaner suffered some issues and died.  Had something to do with a motor or a belt, but we weren’t terribly torn up over it.  We’d only paid a little over a hundred bucks for it and really, it’s just a vacuum cleaner.  What’s the big deal?

Apparently, a lot.

Steph decided to question some friends on what to get.  She was leaning the Dyson route.  One of her friends, who does a great deal of house cleaning, offered another suggestion – a Riccar.  “Dyson’s aren’t bad,” Lanee said, “They’re good for hard wood floors, but they’re heavy.  Get a Riccar.  My mom has one and I love it.”  Lanee went on to tell us that when she went in to buy new bags for the vacuum at a local place, the store owner’s eyes lit up and he became excited.  “You have a Riccar?  Aren’t those wonderful?  They’re fantastic!”

Enthusiasm with a product is a good thing.  Maybe a bit over the top, but still good.  So we headed down to the store to pick one up. The store owner was excited again.  “It’s a wonderful vacuum cleaner,” he said while offering us a demo.  It was good.  Expensive, but nice.  Very lightweight, had all the attachments.  It also came with a second, smaller canister unit (think ShopVac) for those hard to reach places.  We decided to buy it, since, after all, we heard such rave reviews.

Not five minutes later, as we stepped out of the store carrying our new purchase, we ran into someone we knew.  She pointed at the vacuum cleaner.  “Did you just buy that?  I got one a few months ago and it’s fantastic!  It makes cleaning fun!  You’ll love it!”


Steph and I gave each other a look as we walked away.  We’ve gone beyond the boundary of enthusiasm.  We’re into something freaky.  Something…cultish.  On the way home, we joked about searching for fan clubs or secret meetings.  Maybe there was a convention dedicated to our new vacuum.

Then Steph used it.  She liked it.  A lot.  She called me out and pointed to the ShopVac-like thing and said “Push that button.”  I pushed it.  The power cord automatically wound up.  She was gleeful.

Okay.  I think I’ve lost her.  The cult of Riccar has…oh, I can’t think of the right word, but it’s got her.  Took her in its grasp.  Another victim Me?  I’ll fight the good fight and try to remain impartial.

Plus if I made the obvious cheesy joke, the sigh might throw out your back.

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