Back Home Again

We’re back.  Wait, you didn’t know we were gone?  Okay, now you do:)  Sadly, Iowa has little on Florida when it comes to weather.  It was 80 when we boarded the plane, 18 when we landed.  Ouch.  It’s late so I’ll post more photos later on, but here’s one for you – the view from our room at Port Orleans French Quarter:

The View

It was a good week, but I think next time we’re shooting for five days.  We ended up having too much time but I did get a tremendous amount of Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded read.  Great book.  First half is pretty much a drag, but stomach that and get to the last part.  It’s worth it.

As an added bonus, I picked up a couple of ideas for some articles.  I’ll start researching those this weekend and maybe pitch them to a magazine or two.

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