One Year

It has been just about one year since I was officially diagnosed with IBS.

What’s changed?  Quite a bit.  I would be hard pressed to say I have ever been healthier in my life.  I haven’t had an attack in almost 9 months.  I almost broke 20 minutes in the 5K for the first time since college.  If it had been a flat course, I’m sure I would have.  I have more energy every single day and I no longer worry about if something’s going to hurt me or not.  My anxiety has dropped like a stone. Every bit of food that goes into my body is carefully considered and I do a good job of not eating things I know will cause me harm.

There are a few things I miss – Milkshakes, ice cream, hamburgers from the grill, and fried chicken.  It’s easy to get over that though when you consider the alternative.

OF course, new things have taken their place.  My favorite new meal – Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos.  I love sorbet (especially the Pumpkin Sorbet from Le Cellier at Epcot).  I’ve found how much fun it is to make meals just out of rice and whatever veggies are on hand.  There’s just a whole lot out there that was overlooked before.  So maybe this whole thing is good for me.  Who knows?  Hopefully it will be.

Now off to do some writing.