Are We There Yet?

In 11days, we leave nice frigid Decorah, Iowa and head south to the slightly warmer climate of Orlando, Florida.  Seven days at Walt Disney World.  Woo!

Steph and I are going down for different reasons.  I like taking time away from work and just having fun.  This year I’ll be taking a note book with me everywhere (a small one).  I want to people watch, jot down ideas and thoughts.  My mood increases ten-fold when I’m writing or thinking about writing so it should be fun.

Steph is going for a vacation.  She needs it.  I’ll say this, my wife is a wonderful gal, but she does have a tendency to get stressed out more readily than most people.  This is due to her dedication at work (dots every damn i, crosses every t, and double-checks).  In my opinion, she takes life too seriously*.  So I have a fun little game I’ve been playing lately.  Whenever I see her getting stressed or bummed, I just ask ‘How many days?’

Quickest 180 turn around in mood ever:)

*On the flip side, one could also argue I don’t take it serious enough.  Fair enough.

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