Drafty Progress; 2015 Total

The phrase “It’s only a draft, it’s allowed to suck’ really doesn’t fly when that draft is coming through your office window and it’s -6 outside.

It’s been incredibly cold up here in NE Iowa. Yesterday was something around a high of -9 with wind chills in the -40s. It made walking to work quite fun, I must say. That aside, another progress update that’s long overdue.

December: ~2,000

No picture this time because I forgot to take one this morning before leaving the house. December was slow though due to vacation, the holidays, and generally me re-thinking a lot of things about the plot and other aspects of my writing. Hopefully more updates on that later.

Yearly: ~65,550

Wow. That … that is more than I was expecting to be honest.  I wish I could say that was the majority of a novel written but I had major re-writes and re-drafting in there with parts of the story thrown out and completely re-written. But looking at that number now, I’m not upset. I’m hoping 2016 is a better year – with more writing and more frequent updates to the blog. I still owe some vacation pictures from Florida (visiting NASA was awesome) so maybe that’ll get done yet this week. *knocks on wood*

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