Wisdom Penalty: -4

Wednesday was a glorious day for a dentist and his boat payments as he yanked the Wisdom Teeth out of my head.

This was all done at 6am, before I had a chance to be fully coherent and fight back. It started off well with the dentist walking right past the room I was being prepped into, going into another, and wondering where the patient was. Yah – confidence booster there šŸ˜›

I remember nothing about the surgery as I was (thankfully) unconscious during the entire thing. For some reason, the dentist nor any of his assistants saw reason to take away my iPhone. So immediately after the surgery, I sent this message to Steph:



Yeah … I have no idea what I was saying either. I don’t remember sending this at all.

Recovery has been … okay, I suppose. The right side has no pain, very little swelling. In fact, it feels more like I had a cavity filled or something like that. The left side, on the other hand, is the demon from hell. A full twelve hours after the surgery, I was still popping pain meds enough to make me sick to my stomach. It’s still swelled up and hurts to open my jaw more than an inch or so.

I haven’t been able to eat any real solid food yet. Applesauce and jello most of Wednesday (plus some smoothies Steph bought me). Today I upgraded to Soy Ice Cream and mashed potatoes. Hopefully tomorrow I can eat some chicken or something.

In a bit of irony, Wednesday afternoon saw the deliver of my Annual Checkup reminder from the dentist. HAHAHA yeah, no.

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