Oh Hey There June

*walks past*


*looks at screen*

Oh crap. This thing’s still here! Um … hi!

Yes, I’m still alive. Just … busy? Steph has been traveling a lot and work has been picking up (summer is the busy time of year for IT folks in education). The few times we’ve been home together, it’s mostly been relaxation or just hanging out.

The big thing in June? My 40th birthday on the 23rd. I am officially over the hill. Not quite sure how I feel about that yet. We did have a nice party with some friends and family at our place, celebrating both mine and Steph’s birthdays (I shall not reveal her age for I am wise). So June hasn’t been a bad month in that regards.

Here’s hoping I remember to visit this blog more in July. Meanwhile, here’s two cats lounging.

This is what June was like around the house.
This is what June was like around the house.