Rise Up

On Your Feet

We bought a new desk.

This is a GeekDesk v3 from the lovely folks over at, you guessed it, GeekDesk.com.  Aside from having a lot of surface space, it also has the really neat feature of motors in the legs so it is fully adjustable between the heights of 23″ to 49″.

The reason we got this was due to Steph having a multitude of back and shoulder pains over the years.  After paying for all the doctor and chiropractor and massage visits, we decided it was worth splurging.   So far, we are really enjoying it.  We’ve both found ourselves standing more often than sitting.  Also on the way is a new 24″ monitor but that won’t arrive until Thursday.  Once I get that in place, we’ll have a very nice setup indeed.

Seated Position



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