Two Months with Cats

Cici – Skye

This past Monday marked two months with our new feline companions.  How’s it going?

Between the cats, things are good.  They’ve finally gotten used to each other’s presence and are even playing together.  There are times when we aren’t sure if Skye understands that Cici is blind.  Then, there are times like this morning, where Skye goaded Cici into chasing her and ran her into a wall.


Most of the time though, play time involves Skye lying on her back and bopping Cici who then promptly starts bopping Skye in the face, then Skye will tackle Cici and they’ll wrestle a bit before wandering off  to murder a squeaky mouse.

As for Cats and Humans, well …

I don’t always look cute but … just kidding, I always look cute.

Sadly, Cici has us wrapped her around her little pay.  All she has to do is prance through the house or slide across the bamboo floors and we’ll do anything she wants.  Skye is the perfect lap kitty (save for the fact that she doesn’t actually want to sit on your lap).  She, however, has decided that my toes, legs, and other appendages are perfect targets for pounce practice.  The best time for this of course is between the hours of 1 – 3 am.

*sigh* *yawn*

So in a nutshell – things are going good.  It’s nice to have pets in the house once again.

Excuse me, I can’t help but notice you aren’t scratching my belly. This must be rectified.

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