All Ears

A couple of weeks ago, I booked a vacation for Steph and I for the end of September.  Nothing major – a simple extended weekend away from home.  The timing seemed right. We haven’t had any real time off since January and by that time, school will have been in session for a very hectic month and I’ll be in need of a break.

The catch, however, was that I didn’t tell Steph where we were going.  I told her roughly how much it was going to cost, that I’d take care of the credit card bill, and that I’d drop occasional hints now and then.  This did not please her in the least.  She doesn’t like it when I keep secrets.  At first, she appealed to my well-being.

Steph: I think it will be hard on you to keep this secret.  You should share.

Me: No, I can handle it.

Steph:  You know, now that you’re getting up there in years, holding this kind of secret could have serious health implications.

Me: Ouch.

When those efforts failed, she turned to quizzing me at every opportunity.  Through her questioning, she managed to rule out Texas, Ohio, or any place outside of the continental United States.  For my part, I did drop a few hints.  I told her that I had purchased a pair of Brita Water Bottles w/Filters.  Her response to this was “Do I have to be worried about giardia?”  (Thankfully, no.)   I told her that we had never been to this place before.  Groceries were going to be delivered to our room.  She was to bring a swimsuit (“Beach or pool”, she asked.  “Both,” I replied).  I also let it slip that we were signed up for a 5K Trail Race.

It was quite fun.  Or frustrating, depending on which role you were playing.  Unfortunately, as the days passed, it became apparent to me that some key decisions were going to have to be made and I could not do it without her input.  So I decided to give her a few more big hints in the hopes that she would figure it out.  I started with a picture of where we are staying:

Entryway to the Resort


She recognized the New England style but didn’t know where it was.  So I showed her another picture of a possible view from our water front balcony.  It took her about ten seconds to spot it.


Balcony View

Having trouble?  Look along the right hand side.  See that ball shaped object?  Yup, that’s Epcot.  We going back to Disney.

We’ll be staying at the Yacht Club Resort and by pure luck, we are arriving at the same time that Walt Disney World is holding their Food & Wine Festival.  I had wanted to sign us up for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler but alas, those spots were filled so I went with the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run.  I know that most sane people would say “Why would you go on vacation and run a race?!” but I counter with this:

1. We are not sane.

2. In 2001, Steph and I were supposed to run the Disney Marathon.  Steph got injured and had to watch me run it.  I got the Mickey Mouse medal and the experience.  Steph did not and though she’s never outwardly let it show, it’s eaten at her ever since.  This time, she’ll get a Disney Medal (we’ll work on the Marathon sometime in the future).

So … yeah.  Let the countdown begin.


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