Your Sporadic Bi-Weekly Update – Or, Matt Was Lazy

Thus we enter the summer months of little updates.

Really, there’s not a lot to say on the blog come summer months here in Iowa.  Not that we aren’t doing anything – seriously, we’re doing a ton – it’s just the same old same old and not worth mentioning.  But as some have asked, here’s a recap since the last update:

I’m still waiting to hear back from Angry Robot.  Me and a bunch of others (I’ve found a few more accepted people over at Absolute Write) that is.   There were 217 entries in the Epic Fantasy category (another 500+ in the Young Adult imprint which I didn’t submit too) so I’m already feeling good about being picked.  I don’t expect to hear back until Fall to be honest. It’s going to take a while.

Elsewhere on the writing front – there’s been a bit of writing.  Not nearly as much as I would have liked in part due to the exhaustion that has hammered me as of late (early summer is actually a really busy time at work).  When I’d get home, I’d just want to fall down and veg out without thinking.  Fortunately that seems to be behind me now and I’ve been able to write each of the past five days.

Also on the writing front, the new class for Viable Paradise has been picked and are getting notified as we speak.  It’ll be fun to see these folks in.  Also serves as a reminder for me to get off my arse and get writing.

Otherwise, there’s been some frisbee and running (cross country 5K road race last Saturday that was fun), gardening, helped Steph lay down a new porch floor, and celebrated Steph’s 35th, er … 29th birthday last Friday.  I cooked her a Honey-Orange Salmon dinner that turned out really well.  I started reading Sam Sykes Tome of the Undergates.  The book had been sitting on the shelf of our local bookstore for a while and I decided to grab it.

All that aside, summer should be pretty fun around here.  I’ve got 2 weeks of vacation left to use before August 31st so I’m taking a lot of Mondays and Tuesdays off in the next couple of months.  So that’s nice.

We now release you back to your regularly scheduled summer.

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