Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

It might seem odd to be memorializing the CEO of Apple Computers, a man whom I’ve never met, but not a day goes by where my life isn’t impacted by Steve Job’s vision.

I arrived at Luther when OS X was first released.  Prior to that, Macs were the realm of the hardcore fan-boys.  OS 9 (Classic) was a pain in the ass but overnight, that changed.  It didn’t just become user friendly, it worked.  Then came the iPod.  It trickled in at first, then those white earbuds were everywhere.  It was much lamented with the iPhone came out and AT&T wouldn’t sell it locally.   When I got my iPad 2 (the first on campus, I believe), I literally had professors  knocking on my door to see what it could do and how they could use it in class.

Like him or not, you cannot deny that Jobs has had an impact on how technology is used.  I’d like to think it was for the better.  I really wish I could have seen what else hewas dreaming up.

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