Sibling Rivalry

A slightly paraphrased IM convo I had with my brother following a 5K race he ran this past weekend:

Jon: I shoulda stayed at the race todayI took 3rd in my age group
Matt: Nice. Do they ship you a medal?
Jon: The office is right next to mine :B
Matt: Have to stop by and get it
Jon: sweet, I was 29th out of…439
Matt: Not bad.
Jon: It either means A) Everyone else sucks cause I’ve been injured and not training well, or B) I AM A GOD.
Matt: Good to see this isn’t going to your head.
Matt: *looks at his wall, spots the 1st place in age group medal* Oh wait, that’s medalS.
Jon: Jerk

In the end, however, Jon got ahead for it was not a medal they gave him but rather a plaque.  And as all runners know, Plaques trump Medals.  *shakes fist feebly*

I Have Been Humbled