Apples to Flaming Torches

The Apples

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Applefest 5K this morning.

We love this race (as blogged about here and here).  We keep coming back because we love the course.  It’s hilly and challenging, as the picture to the right shows.  You don’t go to Applefest to get a PR.  In fact, take your average 5K time, add anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds and that’s about where you’ll finish.

This year I came in at 21:07, good enough for 19th overall (out of 500+ runners) and 4th in my age group.  Steph knocked a full minute off her previous Applefest PR and finished in 25:07 and 76th overall, 6th in her age group.   Both of us hit our goals and are totally stoked.  Plus getting a free bag of apples at the finish line doesn’t hurt.

Afterwards, we headed out to pick up traditional caramel apples and even more apples (we now have 30 lbs for pies, sauce, etc).  Now that we’re home, rested, and recovered, we’re heading up to campus to see the Passing Zone tonight.

I’ve been juggling for almost 25 years now and in the juggling world, the Passing Zone is considered one of the best acts out there.  They are regarded as some of the best club jugglers hands down.  One of them, John Wee, is also a Luther Alumni.  A few years ago I got the chance to meet and juggle with them.  It was kind of a juggling geek’s dream come true.  So yeah, I’m looking forward to the show.


One thought on “Apples to Flaming Torches

  1. Congratulations on ‘jobs’ well done! Let us know when the pies are ready….we’ll be there to help….you know the after the fixing type help.
    Proud of both of you.

    Hope the show was all you wanted it to be.


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