Done @ 10:45pm

The sixth draft of Genie Memories is complete as of about 10:45pm.

This is it.  I love this book but God/Agent/Editor willing, this is the final draft.  Short of glaring plot holes (of which I think I caught them all) and typos, I have nothing else to give to this story.

My brain is far too fried to do much other than give some statistics on the differences between drafts.  Aside from the sheer amount of words involved, it does kind of tell what writers go through when working on a novel.

1st Draft*: 40,965 words, 193 pages

2nd Draft: 63,242 words, 305 pages

3rd Draft: 59,883 words, 317 pages

4th Draft: 63,256 words, 340 pages

5th Draft: 66,600 words, 355 pages

6th Draft: 76,100 words, 396 pages

Tomorrow I start work on the next novel and submission materials for this one.   Now?  I sleep.

* Viable Paradise edition, incomplete

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